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Human Resources

Definition:  Assesses current and future staffing needs based on organizational goals and budget realities.  Using merit principles, ensures staff are appropriately selected, developed, utilized, appraised, and rewarded; takes corrective action.

Ideas for Developing this Competency: 

  • Arrange meetings with human resources managers to exchange ideas on how to better motivate your employees.
  • Learn more about position management and succession planning.
  • Review other agency programs.
  • Visit the homepage of the Office of Personnel ( to keep current on governmentwide HR issues.
  • Review HR publications such as those published by the International Personnel Manager's Association.
  • Select a private sector HR practice that has merit and see how you could implement it in the public sector.
  • Serve on a new hire selection panel.
  • Participate in career days at a local high school, technical institute, or college.
  • Manage a volunteer group or program.
  • Coach a SCEP/STEP candidate from initial contact through the hiring process.
  • Assist with relocation for a new employee.

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