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Technology Management

Definition:  Uses efficient and cost-effective approaches to integrate technology into the workplace and improve program performance.  Develops strategies using new technology to enhance decision making.  Understands the impact of technological changes on the organization.

Ideas for Developing this Competency: 

  • Set aside time at staff meetings for sharing technology tips among your team members.
  • Attend IT conferences, expos or trade shows.
  • Read computer-related books, articles, publications.
  • Attend briefings on new releases of hardware and software.
  • Use the internet to learn more about managing technology.
  • Test new features of a software application you have installed on your PC.
  • Spend time with IRM Staff to learn more about how to better use your organization's technology infrastructure.
  • Join a users group. 
  • Learn how to use all the features of the programs already on your computer. 
  • Review manual tasks to see if they can be automated. 
  • Visit another federal agency to see what software and hardware they use.
  • Take on-line classes.

Accessibility/Section 508