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Continual Learning

Definition:  Grasps the essence of new information.  Masters new technical and business knowledge.  Recognizes own strengths and weaknesses.  Pursues self-development.  Seeks feedback from others and opportunities to master new knowledge.

Ideas for Developing this Competency: 

  • Subscribe to a publication that covers an area of which you have not had previous exposure or experience.
  • Take on a special assignment that will challenge you.
  • Arrange a detail in another part of the organization or another agency or non-profit organization to gain experience.
  • Try a new skill in a volunteer organization.
  • Serve as a mentor, advisor, or trainer for new employees.
  • Teach someone or a group something you just learned or in which you have expertise. 
  • Spend time with experts, model others who are competent at a skill you are interested in acquiring.
  • Read books, articles and manuals.
  • Conduct research; seek information from others.
  • Try to learn something new every day.  Find time to reflect on what you have learned.
  • Keep a journal of what you learn every day.
  • Conduct interviews with professionals in unfamiliar disciplines to gain knowledge.
  • Go out lunch with someone different.
  • Complete the Leadership Needs Assessment Tool.
  • Ask others how they would like feedback. 
  • Get regular feedback from a variety of people on a regular basis to learn how you are doing in a particular skill area, track your progress.


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