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Definition:  Deals effectively with pressure.  Maintains focus and intensity and remains optimistic and persistent, even under adversity.  Recovers quickly from setbacks.  Effectively balances personal life and work.

Ideas for Developing this Competency: 

  • Exchange ideas with colleagues and solicit feedback on how all of your can achieve a better balance in your personal and work lives.
  • Find a mentor who deals effectively with pressure and remains focused under adversity.  With your mentor, determine ways to help you deal with pressure and remain focused.  Track your progress. 
  • Make time in your schedule for exercise and/or meditation.
  • Find a new process for handling pressure and follow it. Track your progress.
  • Set personal goals.  Establish a process to prioritize your work and personal obligations and interests.
  • Learn and practice stress management techniques. 
  • Associate with successful people with positive attitudes, avoid the whiners, complainers, and blamers.
  • Work at the National Training Center.
  • Participate in a martial arts class or Tai Chi.
  • Find humor in your daily work life.
  • Work with children.
  • Volunteer to help with Special Olympics.


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