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Technical Credibility

Definition:  Understands and appropriately applies procedures, requirements, regulations, and policies related to specialized expertise.  Is able to make sound hiring and capital resources decisions and to address training and development needs.  Understands linkages between administrative competencies and mission needs.

Ideas for Developing this Competency: 

  • Review publications and internet sites for current issues and practices relating to your profession.
  • Become a mentor and share your technical expertise.
  • Volunteer for more complex technical tasks and projects. 
  • Serve on the design team for a BLM training program.
  • Serve on task forces to review and change procedures, regulations and policies. 
  • Watch videos, read books.
  • Work with your local community on projects requiring your skills.
  • Interview individuals who have technical skills you are interested in developing.
  • Develop work-related procedural guidelines. 
  • Join a professional society and become an active member. 
  • Join or set up a book club or chat room in specific technical areas. 
  • Share your technical knowledge by writing articles or making community presentations.
  • Serve as an instructor.
  • Hold an informal meeting to teach a professional skill.
  • Meet with professionals from other offices to discuss current issues.

Accessibility/Section 508